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Do you have a website? Would you like to earn money from it, either for you or a charity of your choice? We've started an affiliate scheme which is very simple- you sign up as an affiliate and place one of our banners or text links on your site. Every time a customer clicks the banner and comes to our site, it's recorded and if they purchase, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale. Currently this stands at 20% of the goods value.
Here's the good bit though- we're happy to pay the money either to you, or to any good cause you nominate- if you're raising funds for a local project, perhaps a hall or school equipment, or you want to donate to charity, just let us know, and we'll ensure that all commission payments are made to the organisation you nominate! So you can put a banner on your site and encourage your friends to order via you, to gain maximum commission!

For more information, or to sign up, CLICK HERE or contact us.
become part of the Fairyglass family!

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